Lessons Learned Become Lessons Applied


Our mission begins with you. We want to reduce fatal accidents and workplace injuries by helping the avalanche community apply local lessons globally.

What is a Near Miss?

A near miss is a situation that did not go the way you planned and could have ended badly. Near misses don’t lead to injuries or death, but unchecked they could.

For avalanche workers, a near miss could include avalanches breaking deeper, breaking wider, or running further than expected. It could be a series of events that put you into terrain you didn’t want to be in. It could involve a well orchestrated plan that was based on incorrect assumptions or just turned out to be the wrong thing to do that day. It does not always involve an avalanche.

Near misses can cause individuals and organizations to reevaluate how they operate. We all learn from these experiences. We want to capture them here so others can learn from them too.


This is a place for avalanche workers to share their experiences.

Click SUBMIT REPORT button and enter the details of your near miss or accident. You can enter information on any workplace event. It does not have to involve an avalanche.

We may contact you to clarify aspects of your report. We’ll remove information specific to the location, operation, and those involved – the published report will be anonymous.

Reviewed reports will appear under VIEW REPORTS section. The reports are available for anyone to read – no subscriptions, usernames, or passwords are needed.

The ultimate goal: other avalanche workers can learn from your near miss or incident and you can learn from theirs.